Carbon reduction projects will deliver transformational change over the next decade, leading to not only reduced carbon, but also increased energy self sufficiency and lower operating costs. Technologies such as EV charging, LED streetlighting, PV generation, heat pumps, heat networks and intelligent management control systems are providing carbon benefits. MUJV and its component organisations have delivered multiple projects in relation to these emerging market areas.

Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Network capability assessments and upgrades
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain
  • Back office systems and support

Photovoltaic Arrays

  • Network capability assessments and upgrades
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain
  • Network and Grid Connections

LED Street Lighting

  • Lifecycle Upgrades
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain
  • Centralised control and response system

Heat Pumps

  • Air source, ground source and water source
  • Loading assessments
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Design Build, Operate and Maintain

Heat Networks

  • District heating Schemes
  • Linked to various heat sources
  • Design, Build, Operate and Maintain

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Our Sustainability Infrastructure Services

We provide sustainability infrastructure solutions as part of design, build, operate and maintain contracts, with guaranteed performance outputs. We also provide design and build only solutions to suit our Clients’ requirements.


When considering projects to reduce carbon and operating cost, MUJV can carry out early feasibility and network impact studies, to determine the viability of various options being considered.

The team then work with the selected technology solution, to provide a complete design, which includes, connection to power networks or heat networks, control systems, geotechnical, civils, mechanical and electrical design.

We can design solutions that work alongside the existing power supply networks, or micro grid solutions , which can operate independently at certain times or complete off grid solutions, for remote locations.


We deliver small projects through to multi million pound, complex schemes. Our infrastructure is installed to the highest quality and safety standards. Our build teams are expert in the construction of schemes such as EV charging, District Heating Schemes, LED streetlighting, and electricity connections to main grids for the larger sustainability projects.


We use dedicated back office and specialist site staff to ensure continuity of performance of the sustainability projects and that a down time is minimised. This ensures maximum carbon reduction and cost savings for our client. We operate industry leading back office systems to support our teams, which provide real time data of assets performance and outputs. For example, our back office systems tell us know when EV chargers, LED streetlights and PV panels are out of service, and the performance outputs of all these assets.


Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the designed outputs of sustainability projects is achieved, throughout the life of the asset. Our expert teams, carry out regular inspection and maintenance activities, as well as lifecycle maintenance activity on specific components, to ensure performance is maximised and therefore carbon and cost savings targets are achieved.


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